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What is Contraception?

The use of drugs, Contraceptive devices, or surgical methods to prevent conception is referred to as birth control or contraception. There are several varieties. Some can be reversed, while others are irreversible. Some varieties can also aid in the prevention of STDs (STDs). At each given stage in their lives, women, men, or couples must take a number of factors into account while selecting the best method of contraception. These components include acceptability, safety, efficacy, and availability. An fundamental guiding concept is the voluntary informed selection of contraceptive techniques, and contraceptive counselling, when appropriate, may play a significant role in the effective use of contraceptive methods.

What are the different types of Contraception ?

There are many types of Contraceptive Methods:

1. Barrier Methods
2. Hormonal methods
3. Intrauterine conception
4. Sterilization

What is emergency Contraception ?

A normal birth control technique is NOT emergency contraception. If no birth control was used during sex or if the birth control technique failed, such as a condom breaking, emergency contraception can be utilised. Some of the emergency contraceptives are:

Consulting hospital

Alpha One Hospital

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