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Preconception Counselling

What is Preconception Counselling ?

Pregnancy safety, health, and happiness start long before a test shows a positive result. You may get ready for a pregnancy by taking care of your health before getting pregnant. Preconception Counselling is a consultation with your doctor used to make plans for a potential pregnancy. We talk about your family history, risk factors, health issues, and way of life. This consultation is crucial to a planned and safe pregnancy. Schedule the Preconception Counselling at least three months before you begin trying to conceive.

What will be discussed during a Preconception Counselling?

Topics like the following are discussed during a Preconception Counselling:

Medical History : It’s critical that your doctor has a complete picture of your pre- pregnancy health. Your caregiver will want to talk to you about any previous surgeries, hospital stays, or blood transfusions you may have received during your appointment.

Family History: Your family history and the family history of your spouse might provide light on any genetic illnesses or problems that might be passed down to a kid. Your healthcare professionals can treat you and your kid more effectively in the future if they are aware of your medical history. This information could also alert your doctor to the necessity for additional testing or to keep an eye out for the emergence of specific disorders during pregnancy. History of high blood pressure, mental disorders, blindness, deafness, birth defects, diabetes, etc., in the family will be discussed during a preconception counselling.

Your OB/GYN History : Your doctor will inquire about your OB/GYN history while discussing your medical history. The ability of a woman to conceive can be impacted by several STDs and vaginal illnesses. To be sure that there are no illnesses that might cause problems during conception or pregnancy, your doctor may do blood tests or cervical cultures. Contraceptive usages, vaginal infections, previous pregnancies, menstrual history, pap smears, history of STDs, etc., will be discussed in the counselling.

Lifestyle : Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial when pregnant. This entails maintaining a healthy weight, exercising, abstaining from drug use and smoking, as well as avoiding any environmental risks.

Vaccination : Before you get pregnant, your doctor might need to update or provide extra vaccinations. It might be necessary to wait before becoming pregnant after receiving some of these immunizations. To your appointment, bring a copy of your vaccinations.

What are the tests performed during a preconception counselling ?

What happens after a Preconception Counselling ?

After your consultation, your caregiver could provide a few recommendations. These could include a range of recommendations for improving one’s health and way of life, like:

Consulting hospital

Alpha One Hospital

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