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What is Cosmetic Gynecology ?

Cosmetic Gynecology Clinic in Kharghar New Mumbai – Consult Dr. Sonal Bhangale.

Cosmetic Gynecology often known as female cosmetic genital surgery, is the field of surgery for women that is expanding the quickest. It includes procedures to enhance the vulva’s or the vagina’s aesthetic attractiveness as well as vaginal repairs to enhance or restore sexual function that has been impaired by childbirth or ageing. It is carried out by both plastic surgeons and gynecologists, notably urogynecologists. This specialty includes labiaplasty of labia minora reduction with or without excess prepuce removal, labia majora reduction or augmentation, and others. It also includes vaginal introital repairs, lipodystrophy in the mons pubis region, G-spot amplification, and other procedures. New non-surgical techniques are presently accessible to enhance the labial and vaginal region (Vaginal Rejuvenation).

What are the different types of Cosmetic Gynecology ?

1. Vaginoplasty : This is a vaginal tightening cosmetic treatment. Any woman might have issues with her uro-vaginal region as a result of accident or congenital anomalies. Recovery of vaginal feeling is aided by a variety of therapies, including non-surgical and surgical techniques. A few of the factors that necessitate vaginal surgery are the ones listed below:

2. Monsplasty : The fatty pad over the pubic bone is where excess skin and fat are removed during a cosmetic treatment termed monsplasty. The term used to describe this fatty pad, the mons pubis, is where the name of the procedure originates. This procedure is sometimes referred to as a pubic lift. The mons pubis may enlarge as a result of excess skin hanging down or fat accumulation. Monsplasty can help make this area appear firmer and flatter.

3. Hymenoplasty : It is a cosmetic operation that women may undergo if they want to repair or restore their hymen. By using this technique, a potentially damaged hymen can be restored completely. The excess skin or tissues are cut away with care and cleanliness. In some cases, the hymen could be absent or there might not be enough skin. The doctor then creates one using synthetic tissue or a piece of vaginal skin. In such cases, the doctor either artificially or via your vaginal flap supplies for the blood supply.

4. Labiaplasty : According to Cleveland Clinic, a labiaplasty can be used to surgically reduce the size of the labia minora, the skin flaps on each side of the vaginal opening. Excess skin can be uncomfortable when participating in physical activity, sexual activity, or exercise. This procedure is used in gender-affirming and aesthetic purposes.

5. Hoodectomy : Hood ectomy shortens the clitoral hood. It improves women’s sexual capability and aesthetic appeal.

How to prepare for a Cosmetic Gynecology procedure ?

Prior to the Cosmetic Gynecological procedure, you must mentally and physically readjust. In order to better prepare you for this therapy, consider the following suggestions:

What are the results of a Cosmetic Gynecology procedure ?

Cosmetic Gynecological operations are designed to improve sexual performance while also rejuvenating the genitalia. It makes the body more attractive and makes it look a lot younger. People acquire confidence in their decision to get this procedure. The results of this procedure might raise people’s quality of life. You also experience increased happiness and vitality.

Cosmetic Gynecology Clinic in Kharghar, New Mumbai: Expertise in Enhancing Feminine Aesthetics

If you’re looking for specialized cosmetic gynecology services in Kharghar, New Mumbai, look no further than the Cosmetic Gynecology Clinic. Led by a team of experts, this clinic is dedicated to enhancing feminine aesthetics and addressing the unique cosmetic concerns of women.

At the Cosmetic Gynecology Clinic in Kharghar, New Mumbai, the highly skilled gynecologists and cosmetic specialists understand the importance of self-confidence and well-being for women. They offer a range of advanced treatments tailored specifically to address the cosmetic concerns of the genital area, helping women feel more comfortable, empowered, and confident.

Dr. Sonal Bhangale, a renowned expert in cosmetic gynecology, leads the team at the clinic. With her extensive experience and deep understanding of women’s health, she provides compassionate care and excellent results. Dr. Bhangale takes the time to listen to each patient’s concerns, ensuring that their treatment plan is personalized and meets their unique needs. 

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